Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sandeep Naik is the Standing Committee chairman once again.

The Times of Navi Mumbai
Friday, May 8, 2009,
He has become the chairman for the third consecutive year, as no other candidate expresses the desire to file their Nomination Papers from Navi Mumbai this year.

Vashi: From the last two years, NMMC’s Standing Committee’s chairman post has been held by Sandeep Naik. This year, he has become the chairman for the third consecutive year. “We won this post unopposed, as no other corporator filed his nominations papers for this post on Thursday, at the NMMC headquarters. So no voting was required.” Said NMMC secretary Chandrakant Devkar. Naik will be declared chairman of the standing committee 2009-10 led by the divisional commissioner of Konkan Bhavan on Friday at the standing Committee hall.

This decision has turned many heads in the Nationalist Congress party (NCP), as no other corporator has been given the chance to head important civic committees, other than Sandeep Naik by the party officials. This being the last year for the current corporators, there were many waiting in the queue for this post. However, no corporator from NCP expressed their wish to file their nomination for this post, as Naik expressed his interest. Although names of some of the committee members, like Anant Sutar, were in the air, the party leaders showed their confidence in Naik, who is expected to lead NCP in the civic elections next year.

“We were not even consulted when the decision regarding the chairman was taken. But we knew it will be him. We can only hope that Naik will make good decisions and will win the confidence of the common man, as we all will have to stand for elections within a year. Whatever decision is taken by this Standing Committee will eventually affect the Voter’s decision,” said one of the senior members, on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the name for wards, president has also been filed. Out of sic wards, only one ward has been given to congress party; the remaining five are with NCP.

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  1. Firtly i would like to congratulate you and Sandeep Naik for winning your respective constituencies! This email or letter is not really a feedback, but more of a request to you and Sandeep, whom the people have voted to power once again and i feel you are really someone who can make a difference and deliver to the people of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. Let me give a background of myself. I was born and brought up in CBD Belapur till my 12th standard,later i moved to Bangalore for my futher studies. After my studies i worked there for around 4 years in an IT MNC. I was in Bangalore for 9 years and i have recently moved back to Navi Mumbai after taking up a job here. Although this job pays me less and the company is not the best place to work i gave up my job and moved here only for one reason, that is for the love of this place. i now stay in Kharghar.

    Now I have seen Navi Mumbai growing as a resident and as an outsider, when i was living in Bangalore. Similarly i have seen the transformation of places like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Hydrabad, Chennai etc. I have observed that we have sucessfully managed to loose a lot of investments and job creation to these cities. The large MNCs which employee thousands and create a great talent pool, have been missing in Navi Mumbai. The above mentioned cities have managed to lure lot of big ticket IT companies to invest in their places and inturn created a huge talent pool of highly skilled people in the fields such as research and development etc, which is completely missing here in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. You can proberbly have an expert create a report to list out what we missed and what we could have achived provided we had some of these companies invest here in Navi Mumbai or surrounding areas. We can still make up for these losses
    by acting quickly and create a talent pool of high skilled people. Right now most of the high skilled people from Navi Mumbai and Mumbai are migrating to Bangalore, Gurgaon etc and this is a fact.

    Now coming to infrastructure, we are not doing bad when it comes to roads, but there is always scope of improvement. Let me list down a few things which i can remember on the top of my head.

    > we need to have underpasses in place on the highways where people cross them.

    > Better buses required, you really need to see the buses in Bangalore, the BMTC is doing a good
    job there. We need better buses, newer routes, more frequency. Please have random check on buses coming to Kharghar even late nights like 11pm..they are packed to brim with ladies onboard, which really shows the sad state of affairs.
    > Although Kharghar is not under NMMC jurdiction, i would like to let you know that the auto rikshaw walas here are real thugs. Firstly the availibility is poor from the Kharghar station. Please visit the station at around 9pm and witness the crowd waiting for the autos outside the station. There would be around 30-40 people waiting without an auto in sight. Next these autos do not use the meters. They have a fixed amount which exorbitant all the times. Please do somthing to increase the frequency of the buses to atleast every 10 mins from the station to Kharghar interiors. This would really benifit the population and they would not have to deal with the goonda type autowallas.

    I have lot of other suggestions which can really make Navi Mumbai the best place in the country to live in. I will be emailing it across once i get a response from you for this letter.

    Thanking you in anticipation.