Thursday, January 29, 2009

NMMC gets State sanction for all JNNRUM Projects-Final Approval From Centre expected in a month’s time

And Christmas brought some very good news from NMMC. The Commissioner informed the standing committee members that he has the state have given its formal approval to all the projects that NMMC presented for funds under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Now the corporation is expecting the center’s approval for the same in a month’s time.The highlight of this week’s Standing Committee meet was the latest update from the projects being submitted under the JNNURM. The Commissioner Vijay Nahata informed the members that the 5 pending projects of NMMC were given the go-ahead by the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan in a recent meeting at Nagpur. The meeting was urgently called prior to the Chief Minister meeting the central government officials on December 28. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata gave an insight to the Standing Committee members about the various projects that they will undertake with the JNNURM funds in Navi Mumbai. Speaking to the media later, he informed that the proposals include construction of underground storm water drain for Rs. 430 Cr, another for making three new STPs in CBD, KK and Sanpada and concretization and beautification of open nallahs for Rs. 437 Cr.Another project that has been approved by the state government to be sent to the center for JNNURM funds include 5 flyovers on Palm Beach for Rs. 458 Cr. The NMMC has also drafted one project for total computerization of NMMC systems.The projects also include one on solid waste management. The state government has approved the projects that will help NMMC get funds amounting to nearly Rs. 1400 Crore. In this 35% will be given by the center, 15% by the state and the rest will managed by NMMC. For its share, NMMC has applied for loans from MMRDA. The Commissioner voiced confidence in the Standing Committee of getting the center’s final approval to their projects in a months’ time and completing the projects in a period of two years. NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik congratulated Commissioner Vijay Nahata for getting the state’s sanction for all the proposed projects under the JNNURM.

Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik Demands New Look for Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium

The NMMC Standing Committee also demanded change in colors of seats in Vishnudas Bhave auditorium and different colors seats for VIP rows and approved the tender bid of Rs 24.13 lakhs of Ashirwad Construction for repairs and painting of Vishnudas Bhave auditorium.
J D Sutar demanded the special color seats to identify VIP seats. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik instructed the administration to change the color of all seats and give a different color to the VIP rows so that the auditorium wears a differently new look from what CIDCO had given. Sandeep Naik also called upon the administration to expedite the taking over of the plot adjoining the auditorium, to facilitate parking of vehicles. Deputy Municipal Commissioner Jagganth Sinnarkar assured to give the auditorium the new look demanded and reserve the first two rows as VIP rows with different color seats.

Competence and Team Spirit Display Marks Day 1 of Navi Mumbai Krida Mahotsav 2009 Organized by Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep naik

January 21, 2009
The first day of the Navi Mumbai Krida Mahotsav saw enthusiasm and enrgy reverberating at the NMSA grounds where many of the matches of the Mahotsav is being held. Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul has organized the Navi Mumbai Krida Mahotsav 2009 at the NMSA grounds. Getting into its first day, this sports contest explored healthy avenues to release the youth’s capacities, develop their physical abilities, build self-confidence, will-power and goal setting competencies and instill in the young minds a vision that will enable them to become self-motivated agents of social change to serve the healthy interests of all beyond national boundaries. Former Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik who is also the President of Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul spoke to NMTV News about the emphasis and aim of this Mahotsav. On the first day of the event, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik was present to encourage and cheer the students. Present along with was senior journalist Anil Thattey and Sandeep Vengurlekar - (Vice President, Corporate Affairs) - Birla Group of Industries. Teams of boys and girls under the age group of 12 yrs, 14 yrs, 16 yrs came together to show their talent in sports like kabaddi and kho-kho. Through this Mahotsav, the students endeavored to be enthusiastic and happy, nurturing the values of fair play, sharing, tolerance, appreciation, encouragement and fostering love for one another.

NMMC Approves starting of NMMT bus for students

25 Jan 2009,
The NMMC General Body unanimously approved the starting of NMMT bus services exclusively for school students in the NMMT jurisdiction area. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata has announced that a welfare officer would be appointed for employees' welfare in NMMT.Presently students can avail at 50% concession bus pass on NMMT routes. During the deliberations, one of the member quested about the caretaking, scheduling of the buses etc. The proposed bus service for school students will be started as per demand of students and parents within NMMC area and upto 20 kms beyond NMMC jurisdiction, subject to a minimum of 60 students from schools on each route. Each student will be charged Rs 100 in addition to the bus far for the independent bus service for students only. Another report coming in from NMMC is that, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik has called upon the administration to submit a status report of the social amenity proposals made by corporators. Sandeep Naik remarked that in wards whose corporators were aggressive and capable of making much noise, two markets, community centres, two or more public toilets and schools were provided. in the other wards none were provided, Naik alleged. He also called upon the corporators to initiate and follow-up the progress of al required social amenities in their respective wards. He was responding to a debate in the Standing Committee meet, before unanimously approving the tender bid of City Build for undertaking minor repairs and improvements to the community centre in sec 9 Nerul at a cost of Rs 18.54 lakhs.

NMMC Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik Stays Controversial Parking Proposal.

January 16, 2009
The NMMC administration has presented a rather controversial parking proposal to the Standing Committee for approval. For the second week in a row Chairman Sandeep Naik stayed the proposal. We get you a peek from this report from the weekly NMMC Standing Committee meet.
The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation presented the proposal of making its first multi level car parking facility in Navi Mumbai at Vashi. The contractor of the project M/s Ramratna Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. made a presentation on how the puzzle car parking would be to the members at the weekly Standing Committee Meet. Sensing that there was more to the proposal that what met the eye, members Namdeo Bhagat and Sudhakar Sonawane voiced concern whether this project would be cost effective or not and demanded that the members be taken for a site visit of the puzzle parking facility made by the contractor in Mumbai before approving the project. Accordingly, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik said that members needs to study how the system would work, the cost of power that the facility would require to function and reiterated the need to visit a site where such a facility existed. Till that visit, the Standing Committee stayed the proposal.
What did not go unnoticed what that the administration’s proposal was brought in completely confusing and unclear manner. While the subject of the proposal stated multi level car parking facility in Sector 17, Vashi. The proposal goes on to the selected area of the project as Sector 15 / 16 MTNL to bus stop where NMMC has planned to build puzzle car parking for 110 vehicles. Despite knowing for a fact that there are several bus stops around the mentioned area, the administration does not give the clear site where they have proposed to build the multi level car parking. Further, while the subject mentions only Sector 17, Vashi, the proposal also includes the FRU Hospital, which is at Sector 10, Vashi. At the FRU NMMC Hospital, the corporation is building 11 storeyed two towers with a capacity of parking 44 vehicles. If approved by the Standing Committee, the NMMC would build both the facility at a cost of Rs. 9 Crore 40 Lakhs 2 Thousand 546 in a time period of 12 months.

Nmmc Standing Committee approves Rs.70 Crores Ultra-Modern Stp Plant in Vashi.

Jan 18,2009
A bid of H.N. Bhat & co. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. to replace the 34 MCD capacity STP plant in Sector-18, Vashi with a technically advanced 100 MCD capacity plant was approved at the NMMC Standing Committee meet this week. Corporator Sandeep Naik delved into the significance of the project in wake of the impending water crisis all over the globe. Here is a report.
NMMC Standing Committee approved the bid of H.N. Bhat & co. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. To replace the 34 MCD capacity STP plant in Sector-18, Vashi with a technically advanced 100 MCD capacity plant at a cost of Rs. 69.93366 crores. The old plant is located on 38,000 Sq.mts area, while the new plant will require only 28,000 Sq.mts and the treated waters BOD will be below 5 enabling its use for garden, industry and other commercial purposes, at 1/3rd the commercial rate.Sandeep Naik delved on the significance of the project in the wake of the impending water crisis all over the globe, which will ensure that Navi Mumbai would be self sufficient even after 10 yrs. Of rapid development in the region. He demanded to ozonise the water and ensures its use for garden and industry. He querried about the monitoring to ensure BOD levels below 5, which remained unanswered

Sandeep naik Inauguarate Road at Mukesh Gaikwad ward

The newly constructed road and public toilet at ward no. 4 in Airoli was inaugurated recently at the hands of Mayor Anjani and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik. The inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed road and public toilet at ward no. 4 of Airoli was held recently. The local corporator of the ward, Mukesh Gaekwad welcomed Mayor Anjani Bhoir and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik on the occasion. The chief guests inaugurated the road which is named as Sant Nirankar. We spoke with Mayor Anjani Bhoir and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik on the occasion. We also spoke with the corporator of the ward.

NMTV Personalities of the year are NMMC SCC Sandeep Naik and commissioner Vijay Nahata

January 3, 2009
As we enter 2009, it's time to look back at those people who played a crucial role to shape our lives. While there are many, NMTV chose two personalities who showed promise and excellence in their respective fields. Choosing them as NMTV Personality of the Year is a way to honor them for the efforts they have put in for bringing about a difference to the daily lives of the common man through their offices in style that has not been done before. Take a look at who is NMTV Personality of the Year 2008 – Politics.
He is young, he is suave, he is tech-savvy and he defies the belief that politicians are a gang of good-for-nothings. Exposed to the world of politics at a young age, the younger son of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik comes from that breed of educated, young politicians that the nation craves for today. His dynamicity as a leader came to the forefront only after he took over as the Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC. His personal debonair soon started reflecting in the Standing Committee meets. Every meet discussed every issue that revolves around the lives of commoners in Navi Mumbai. Conducted with utmost discipline, healthy debates, progressive discussions and concrete decisions have redefined the standing committee meets.
To his credit Sandeep Naik is the first Chairman who took on the challenge of executing the first ever NMMC budget that crossed Rs 1000 Crores. And unlike past chairmen and most corporators in NMMC, Sandeep Naik ensures that he adds people’s touch to every administrative proposal. NMTV News has been attending Standing Committee meets since we started reportage in Navi Mumbai but never in the past has a Standing Committee Chairman displayed focused, studied and enthusiastic adventurism in providing for amenities for the citizens in Navi Mumbai like Sandeep Naik. None of Sandeep Naik’s predecessors in office have cared to and dared to pin accountability on the heads of departments. Unlike past chairmen, he does not point past failures but stresses on immediate performance. Sandeep Naik and his team in the standing committee have dared to dream and spell out dream projects that has raised hopes of citizens for a truly world class city with best of amenities for the common man. For trying to bring about a heartening change in the age-old civic system and not just promising but working on realizing the promise to make Navi Mumbai a city with the best of the amenities – your channel has chosen Sandeep Naik as the NMTV Personality of the Year – Politics. Comparing work of persons in office is tough, but what when you decide to choose between achievers in a calendar year? Frankly, it gets even tougher. In our list of persons who made a difference to everyday living in Navi Mumbai, two more names could not be overlooked – two officers who gave to Navi Mumbai in one year what their predecessors had failed to give for years put together. And we chose one of these officers as the NMTV Personality of the Year in the bureaucratic category.
CIDCO had not seen an officer with the vision of former Managing Director Anil Kumar Lakhina till Deepak Kapoor took charge as the Jt. Managing Director of the corporation. Deepak Kapoor gave Navi Mumbai a cultural and social facelift in the form of the Central Park and Urban Haat besides upgrading the internal functioning of CIDCO and attempting to make CIDCO functioning transparent. He faced massive opposition when he decided to install CCTV cameras in the CIDCO 12.5% PAP office to make the department corruption free. And while he might not have been successful in making 12.5% allotments corruption free, he did manage to ensure that the dealing did not take place within the CIDCO office’s PAP dept. His sudden transfer was a big blow to many prestigious projects of CIDCO including the international airport. NMTV panel commended his work during the selection of NMTV Personality of the Year but the final choice for the honors was another officer. An officer whose work not only needs to be recognized but honored as well – NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata. Never in the past has the civic body seen a Commissioner like him. He was everything that Navi Mumbai needed at a time when the biggest and most significant public welfare projects were underway in the city. The functioning of the NMMC never looked as good. We aren’t saying this, numbers are. In his first year as NMMC Commissioner, revenue in cess went up by 30% and property taxes by 40%. Besides this, immediate public work that was pending for years were expedited by way of school vision, toilet vision and hospital vision. 550 news officials joined the NMMC team. The Kalamboli to Digha water pipeline work was activated till Vashi. He is the first Commissioner who started the trend of personally visiting the city nodes to set the administration priorities right on conducting public work. And while he faces criticism and opposition from most corporators, he never bows down to pressure. Not surprisingly he has won the hearts of Navi Mumbaikars and has been chosen by your channel as the NMTV Personality of the Year – Bureaucracy.

Standing Committee meetings sanctions proposals for erecting Toilets in Navi Mumbai

December 20, 2008
Aired a report on the how without much debate, discussions or deliberations NMMC general body and standing committee meetings had been sanctioning proposals for erecting toilets in Navi Mumbai – most of which were on questionable locations hinting at that the corporators-contractors-officials nexus was at work again. The report also underlined on the need to have a maintenance policy for existing public toilets and urinals if at all NMMC wanted to accomplish its goal of a defecation free city. Our report triggered action as the issue was discussed in length at the weekly Standing Committee meet. Before we bring to you what transpired in the Standing Committee meet, first a quick flashback of our last weekend expose on public toilets.
28 NMMC proposals to construct public toilets and urinals in Navi Mumbai, 13 of which were approved in one of the recent Standing Committee meets. These 13 proposals to make public toilets and urinals, that were approved earlier by the NMMC general, for Rs. 2 Crore 34 Lacs 42 Thousand 209 was approved in a couple of minutes without one word of debate or discussion by any member of the Standing Committee. After this Standing Committee did a survey of the locations where NMMC has proposed the new toilets under its toilet vision and this survey uncovered a scam in the name of public toilets.
Our first stop was NMMC decision to build a public toilet at the Hotel Tunga side of Sector 30, Vashi ahead of the subway. In a time period of 5 months NMMC has awarded the tender for building the toilet here to M/s Sandeep Construction for Rs. 13, 33, 208. However, a visit showed that the spot for the proposed toilet lies at center of three plush malls, one hotel and Vashi Railway Station – all public places that have public toilets on one side and the posh Sector 17 on the other side. It makes one wonder why NMMC wants to build a toilet at such a spot? Well, it didn’t take us long to find the answer – adjacent to the proposed toilet spot is a recently established illegal settlement of hutments. Locals of the hutments did not hesitate to inform the local corporator of the area Dashrath Bhagat had pressurized NMMC to not demolish the illegal hutments And that the local corporator has also promised to enroll them on the voters list. So clearly, the proposed toilet is being built only to facilitate the vote bank of a corporator in the form of the illegal settlement in Sector 30, Vashi. This was just one location conducted a survey of all the other 13 locations, out of which most locations seemed to be questionable. These locations included, the toilet coming up at the Y junction of Kopri Village and Sector 12, Vashi, Koperkhairane village, MAFCO Market at Sector 18, Turbhe, Sector 21, Nerul NMMC, toilet close to the flyover at Belapur Ward and the already built toilet opposite the CBD Bus Depot. At every location did a survey, locals unanimously voiced that instead of constructing and spending money on new toilets, NMMC should draft a successful maintenance policy first. What’s more concerning is that the corrupt practices of NMMC have converted most public toilets as a den for illegal activities.
It may be recalled, that at that time when we met Addtl. City Engineer Surendra Patil – whose department is responsible for studying the locations where toilets are being built and making of the toilet proposals, he had no convincing reply to our questions and reports. Specifically when we questioned him whether it was against rules to erect toilets in areas that had illegal settlements like Sector 30, Vashi, the officer passed the buck of responsibility on another dept. However, the only NMMC representative who did not hesitate to accept that every expose of survey is correct was Dy. Mayor Shashikant Birajdar.
He confessed that most NMMC toilets are giving shelter and services to criminals, drug peddlers and anti social elements. The end result of all this is that an issue as grave as sanitation and public toilets has become a means of corruption while the NMMC is still nowhere close to making Navi Mumbai open air defecation free. That was the on public toilets that we aired last week. Taking cognizance of the report, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik took note of the seriousness of the issue since it is revolves around public health and sanitation. He himself took the matter up with administration in the weekly general body meeting. Here is a special report.
If you have the political will, you’ll always have a way to make things happen in the interest of the general public. Chairman Sandeep Naik reiterates this often at the weekly Standing Committee meetings of NMMC. This week again when no member uttered any word of discussion or debate on yet another proposal for a public toilet, Chairman Sandeep Naik himself brought up the subject of community health, sanitation and public toilets with the administration. The topic was raised when the proposal to build a 16 seater public toilet at the cost of Rs. 23 lacs 89 thousand 525 at an area on Palm Beach Road close to Karave village was brought for approval of the Standing Committee meet. Despite asking members twice if they wanted to discuss the issue of public toilets and sanitation, no Standing Committee member said a word compelling Chairman Sandeep Naik to himself ask the Commissioner to give an insight on the NMMC toilet vision for the information of Navi Mumbaikar.
NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata then gave an insight on the logic of building public toilets in bulk – with the latest being 28 proposals of toilets approved by the general body and standing committee meetings. Further, the Commissioner assured that members that since locations selected to erect public toilets were questionable; he has decided to re-scrutinize these locations and will stop the work in such places.
Addressing the subject of maintenance of existing public toilets, the Commissioner said that he has called for a meeting with his department officials and ward officers to work on it soon. `Concluding the discussion, Chairman Sandeep Naik said that it was in accordance of a state act to make the city open air defecation free that the NMMC was building public toilets in the city.
He too reiterated what the Commissioner said about building public toilets where needed but re-scrutinizing locations that were doubtful. The willingness that Chairman Sandeep Naik and Commissioner Vijay Nahata exhibit as a team will go a long way to address the grievances and suggestions of the people of the city through the voice of the media.
Youth leader Sandeep Naik, who has made NMMC Standing Committee Chairmanship all about people of Navi Mumbai, has done it again. Post our report on the upcoming public toilets and the urgent need to establish a maintenance policy – the Chairman took up the issue with the administration in the last standing committee meet in a bid to ensure that transparency and accountability prevailed over public issues, which was backed by Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata who assured all members of a re-scrutiny of the upcoming public toilets and putting a maintenance policy in place sooner than later.

NMMC Commences Sant Gadge Baba Urban Cleanliness Drive Campaign from Chairman Sandeep Naik’s Ward

November 26, 2008,
Noteworthy work being done by NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik in his ward got a boost when NMMC commenced its work under the Sant gadge Baba Urban cleanliness drive from the Chairman’s ward in Khairane.

NMMC Sant Gadge Baba Urban Cleanliness Drive got a youthful start to it for it was not surprisingly from Khairane, the ward of NMMC Standing Committee Chairman and youth leader Sandeep Naik. Students of municipal school gave a musical start to the event with the number based on the significance of cleanliness and the beautiful presentation by the students was acknowledged by chairman Sandeep Naik.

Later in is address on the occasion, Sandeep Naik said that he was glad that the cleanliness drive not only started from his ward but also displayed youthful experiance as it was mostly children that were a part of the program. Speaking to the media Sandeep Naik lamented that Navi Mumbai Municpal Corporation that has been winning Sant Gadge Baba Urban Cleanliness Drive awards will continue the tradition this year as well as the drive mves from ward to ward and node to node.

The event got a perfect closure with students taking out a rally across Khairane raising slogans that reminded one and all of the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Chairman Sandeep Naik at your doorstep

Wed Nov 26, 2008

Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik launched the cleaning programme under Sant Gadge Baba Abhiyan on Tuesday.CBD-BELAPUR: Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep naik paid a second visit to Ghansoli and Koparkhairane on Tuesday as a part of his 'sabhapati Aapla Anaganaat' programme. Many of the works are being conducted under the Sant Gadge Baba Swatchata Abhiyan.At Ghansoli, he received a complaint of continuing water shortage which was ascribed to load shedding. Naik organized a meeting between MSEDC officials and the representatives of NMMC’s Water Distribution section. He ordered them to prepare a fixed programme for load shedding and synchronise it with water distribution timings. He also took an update of ongoing civic works.He asked the administration to expedite the works inside the condominiums.Corporator Sudhakar Sonavane had organized the plantation of 2,500 tree in Ward, 18, Ambedkar Nagar. The plants had started withering for want of water. Naik immediately ordered that arrangements be made to supply water to them. He gave a time limit of seven days for the executives to complete the work.E-ward Committee Chairperson kammltai Patil, Corporators Sanjay Patil, Rupali Sanas, keshav Mhatre, Devidas Hande Patil, Kondiba Nana Tikone, Suresh Saldar and Sudhakar Sonavane were among those who accompanied Naik.

Navi Mumbai to get five skywalks

Saturday, November 22,2008
Belapur : After Mumbai’s ambitions plans to have 50 skywalks, it's now the turn of Navi Mumbai to build five such modern structures on the two major highways- Sion-Panvel and Thane-Turbhe-passing through the satellite township.These skywalks are proposed at Vashi, nerul, Koperkhairne, Ghansoli and Airoli."These have been several instances of fatal mishaps in these spots. Most of them were pedestrians who were trying to cross the road and tracks while trying to catch a train. In these areas, industries, railways stations and which complicates the problem, "Said standing committee chairman of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Sandip Naik. " Over the last five years, 16 [erupts java need killed and 60 injured in various road mishaps in these areas, "he added."The five skywalks will be built by private participation and not with civic funds, "an official said. Each skywalk will be 90 meter in length, 6.9 meter in height and will cost about Rs 5crore each. "Both the ends of the skywalk will have lifts for the elderly and handicapped. The structures will be illuminated by solar panels. We expect the work to be over within 11 months after the project is approved, "Naik added."UK-based consulting firm, "The Firm Associates, which has experience in building skywalks in several countries, has agreed to provide expertise in designing the structures, Naik said. "Man Infrastructure, a company based in Navi Mumbai, had already agreed to build on e of these skywalks," he added. naik, however, refused to divulge the names of other three major companies which are going to build the skywalks. According to sours, both the Ambai brothers have evinced interest.The Rs 25-crore project will be put up before the civic body for approvals in the next meeting. "The NMMC will not spend a single rupee even though it had allocated Rs,5 crore for the skywalks project. Private parties will have to come up with their designs and plans. Five of them will be selected, added Naik.

Task force and advisory committee for NMMC

November 22,2008,
The Navi Mumbai Municpal Corporation's (NNMC) Standing Committee in order to keep vigilance on the civic works of NMMC undertaken by the contractors. The sole intention is to maintain qualitative work. Chariman Sandeep Naik said, "The Task Force comprises of members like the retired as well as working scientists, architects, chartered accountants, journalists, advocates, environment experts and engineers, The responsibility of the Task Force members is to pay occasional and suprise visits to the sites where civic works are being undertaken and check the quality of work done by the contracotor. it is even checked whether the contractor. It is even checked whether the contractor is carrying out the work as per the norms of the tender agreement. To check whether precautions are being taken by the contractor to abide by the Town planning, Environment and social prodence. The Task Force will also include municipal commissioner, senior NMMC officers and corporators."
Naik added, "What all civic amenities lack in the city and what are the necessary infrastructure development projects, will be monitored by the Task Force.
Whereas, the Advisory Committee will ensure the technical and financial feasibility of the projects to be undertaken and also the environmental safety concern. Once the task Force and the Advisory Committee are put into action, the civic works in the city will be expedited and completed in the scheduled time period. That would also relieve the contractors from being imposed with a penalty for delaying the completion of the work. The vigilance and inspection at the work site will help in maintaining the quality of work and the citizens will be able to avail facilities. The Standing Committee has plans to set up three more committees viz; Planning Action and Quality Control."

Navi Mumbai to get 5 skywalks Said by Sandeep Naik

G.Mohiuddin jeddyNavi Mumbai,
November 20
By 2009-END, the thousands of people working in the Thane Belapur belt will not have to cross the busy highways to reach railway stations and bus depots.They can use the five state-of-the-art skywalks that have been planned in Navi Mumbai."These skywalks are being constructed to ensure safety for pedestrians, while providing them modern facilities and a great experience, "said NMMC Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik. The ultra-modern skywalks will also be landmarks for the city. The modular skywalks, each costing about Rs 4 crore, will be built by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) at strategic location. The civic body is roping in industries in the area to finance the projcts.Four of the skywalks have been planned on the busy Thane-Belapur Road-at nerul stadium, Koparkhairane railway station, Ghansoli railway station and Airoli railway station. The fifth skywalk will come up on to the Sion-Panvel highway near Vashigaon. It will be designed to serve as on entrance gate for the city."In this year's budget, we had allocated Rs 5 crore for skywalks and Rs 5 crore for aGrand entrance to the city. We plan to combine both so the the found can be better used," said naik.The skywalds will have elevators, staircases and ramps to ensure easy access for all even those with luggage. There are also plans to use solar panels to generate power and ensure minimum use of electricpower in the wll-lit skywalk."We expect permissions to come in the next couple of months and the work order to be issued soon after. The actual construction will take eight month. hence by the end of 2009, the sky walds should be ready, Said Naik. The NMMC plans to patent the design that has been proposed by an agency, the Firm. "The skywalks will be eco-friendly, built with the use of recyclable and transparent materials such as steel and glass and ploycarbonate sheets that will also allow natural light," said Sandeep Ghose, a senior official from the Firm.

Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik Recommends five skywalds for the city

Nov 21,2008
The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is leavin no stone unturned in transforming the city into a state-of-the-art metropolis. NMMC'S Standing Committee chairman has recommended five skywalks at the pedestrians to avoid the congested roads, which is a part of NMMC's provision of public utility amenities of international standard. Abiding by the green concept, the skywalks will be ultra-modern and eco-friendly since it will be constructed by using recyclable materials, like the steel and glass. Each skywalk is estimated to cost Rs four crore, informed standing Committee chairman, Sandeep Naik at a press meet at the NMMC Headquarters at Belapur on November19.Sandeep Naik informed, "The location of skywalks has been decided by taking into consideration the road accidents at the spots where pedestrian get killed while crossing the roads and railway tracks. Hence, it has been proposed to construct a skywalk near D Y Patil Sports Stadium at nerul. It shall connect the two service roads, which run parallel to the Sion-Panval highway, Which shall not disturb the main road traffic. The other four skywalks have been planned near Kopar khairane railway station connection DAKC, Ghansoli railway station, connection the MIDC area across the Thane-Belapur red, Airoli railway station connection Raheja Mend Space and near Vashi village connection it the residential node of sector 6, Vashi." He further added, "The FIRM Associates UK Limited.' Since the expenditure plays a pivotal role in realizing the project, NMMC has roped in sponsors. Two major industries (names withheld) have given their nod to construct two skywalks and even

bear the maintenance cost. As a result, NMMC will hae zero expenditure and also the property will be owned by the civic body. once all the administrative procedures are completed and a final approval is given by the NMMS general body, the project will start within two months and will be completed in three stages within eight months span."The architect and directed of the FIRM Associates UK Ltd, Sandeep Ghosh informed, "As per the PWD recommendation, the skywalk proposed at Nerul will be 90 meters long and shall have a height of 6.5 meters to 6.9 meters. At a time, around 2000 pedestrians would be able to use the 5.5 meter wide corridor to cross over to the other side of the skywalk. People avoid using skywalks due to the dingy and gloomy atmosphere inside the corridor, which they fear is more pronto criminal activities. hence, the skywalk will be light in Wight and translucent since it will be made out of glass and polycarbonate sheet which shall allow the natural daylight to penetrate the tubular shaped structure of the skywalk. Considering the conservation of electricity, solar panels will be installed. Also, there will be a facility of fours elevators, solar panels will be installed. Also , there will be a facility of fours elevators, two on each side of the skywalk. Each elevator will have a capacity of 12 passengers. The tubular structure has been dented the corridor due to wind blow and also there will be no seepage of rainwater. Ramps are also provided to facilitate separate access for vendors and pedestrians carrying heavy luggage."Ghosh further added, “It shall even facilitate children, senior citizens and physically handicapped persons. For proper ventilation a vent has been provided in the tubular structure thereby comforting the pedestrians. There will be a provision of a big foyer to prevent over-crowding during peak hours." Sandeep Naik concluded, " The skywalks have been designed to suit the climatic condition of the city and NMMC will be applying for the design’s patent right.

Focus on condominiums

Thrusday 20,2008
NMMC get green signal to conduct works inside coloniesCBD-BELAPUR At long last, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has received clearance for doing essential works inside the housing colonies, locally known as condominiums. "After much follow up, the clearance has been given by chief minister vilasrao Deshmukh who also holds the Urban Development portfolio, "said Sandeep Naik, Chairman of the Standing Committee. Consequently, the committee passed proposals with generous outlays for conducting various works inside the condominiums.The proposals include changing of sewerage lines, water pipelines and the construction of roads, The amounts passed for various were-Airoli ... Rs 2,76,94,217Koparkhairane ... Rs 1,51,57,291Sanpada ... Rs 39,13,861CBD-Belapur ... Rs 36,23,643Nerul ... Rs 35,60,851Vashi ... Rs 32,18,719It wise, changing of sewerage lines will get Rs 5,71,68,583 and changing of water pipes Rs 34,15,836 at Koparkhairane.In another major resolution, the Committee passed proposals worth Rs 1,55,58,771 for various works in the MIDC industrial area. A further sum of Rs 11,06,780 was approved for the construction of road, Rs 32,85,919 for constructing RCC Box culverts Rs 66,11,325 for building storm water drains and Rs 45,54,747 for constructing storm water drain and building a RCC box culvert.Much needed repair and redevelopment of Community Centers at Vashi and Koparkhairane was also approved at a cost of Rs 18,23,214.Yet anothe proposal for the re-development of School No 13, Shivaji Nagar, Nerul and School No 56, Chinchpada, Airoli was also passed. Together, they will cost the corporation Rs 2,15,23,380.With yet another resolution, the Committee approved the plan to build/rebuild 13 public toilets at a cost of Rs 2,16201,184. There of them are situated at Nerul, three at Turbhe, two in Vashi, two at Belapur and one each at Airoli, Ghansoli and Koparkhairane.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NMMC plans skywalks with elevators in eight months

Thursday 28, February 2008,

Municipal Standing Committee began its special budget meetings on 27 February, 2008. Vitthal More was the first to take the floor. He affirmed the need for availing all the loans from the Central and state governments for achieving the visions of a city of the 21st century. He however added that just as the corporation is committed to provide the best possible civic services to the poor and the needy; it should consider its duty to provide the amenities for the productive segments of the society, the creators of wealth.Referring to the budget projections, he said that the overall budget for 2008-09 is on par with the current years’. Out of the projected Rs 1,200 crores plus expenditure, about Rs 600 crores will come through JNNURM, MMRDA AND other governmental schemes. He also warned the administration not to succumb to the political decision of not increasing the taxes for the next 20 years! That could suggest that the citizens are already taxed heavily.
More felt that there is scope for increasing the revenue from Cess by about Rs 100 crores. Against this, the projected revenue of Rs 225 crores is hardly more than the current is hardly more that the current year’s Rs 209 crores. He said that is was possible to collect Rs 100 crores either by increasing the staff or out sourcing through manpower agencies. He suggested a ratio of one officer, two inspectors and two clerks for every 1,000 assesses for getting the optimum returns. “The department is sorely understaffed leading to leakage of revenue,” he said. Property tax: Here again, the projections are not ambitious, according to More. The projections for the budget year are Rs 109.08 crores against the actual of Rs 88.29 crores during the current year.
“Here again, shortage of staff is eating into the revenue,” he felt. More wanted to project a better image of the civic body by renovating the Tax collection and Ward offices. He wanted commercial rates of taxes to be levied on those who are using residential premises for commercial purposes.
More welcomed the proposal to install water meters in 10,000 more units. This will help avoid wastage, he said.
Referring to the new STPs proposed in the budget, he said it is a good move. However, he was not in favour of going for not in favour of going for new STPs as the present ones have excess capacity.
Sangeeta Sutar called for the constitution of a committee to identify and approve projects that could be undertaken with JNNURM and MMRDA funds. Avinash Lad felt that loans from MMRDA at 8% per annum could turn out to be too costly if the banks start offering cheaper loans. Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik informed that NMMC is retaining the option to switch to softer loans in such an eventuality.
Lab also suggested that NMMC should aim to maximize revenue from outdoor advertising like electric poles, hoardings etc. He felt that the projected revenue of Rs 2.05 crores is a flea bite. He pointed out how an advertising agency had demanded Rs 2.5 lakhs for advertising the Chowpatty festival. In another case, a single hoarding was fetching revenue of over Rs 40 lakhs, he pointed out in support of his suggestion. He called for rotation of staff, especially in the Town Planning Department, which will help increase the revenue.
Ms Vijaya Thakur felt that much more can be raised by way of Cess and hawker licenses. She suggested that the target for the former be raised to Rs 75 crore.

'NMMC utilised MP funds to maximum

November 20, 2008
Kartiki shaastry.BelapurNavi Mumbai Municipal Corporation's (NMMC) Standing Committee chief Sandeep Naik has come down heavily on Shiv Sena's Member of Parliament (MP) from Thane Anand Paranjape who alleged that NMMC has not properly utilised MP funds.Paranjape has made allegations while speaking to mediapersons during his vist ot Navi Mumbai on Turesday. Naik pointed that in 1999-2000, a liabrary was built in Vashi, Sector 10A by spending Rs 10 Lakh from MP fund while civic body had spent a sum of Rs 25 lakh from MP fund while civic body had spent a sum of Rs 25 lakh in 2002-03 to construct a crematorium at Turbhe. " The money was given for the above purpose aonly and NMMC utilise it for the same," Naik said and pointed out that no money was returned by the civic body. On paranjape's grouse for not being extended invitations for any programme, Naik, said his (Paranjpe's) name was included in almost all major invitations sent by NMMC. In the projects takenunder Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) also signatures of all concerned are tacken and then the proposals are sent ot the Central government for approval.On the construction of Agri-Koli bhavan in Nerul, Naik said it has to be built by CIDCO so it is up to them how they will utilise the money from MP fund. Speaking about the developments of Ambedkar memorial in Airoli, Naik said th proposal has been tabled before NMMC in 2006 and it will cost around Rs 1.25crore. Talks are going on the memorial which will be finalised soon and then decision an utilisation of the money from MP fund will be taken. meanwhile, sources said that the MP had made all these allegations keeping in mind th election, which are scheduled to be held early next year.

NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik Resumes Ward Visits under “Chairman at Your Doorsteps”

November 19, 2008
NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik has resumed his visit to wards in the city under his popular initiative “Chairman at your Doorsteps”. The youth chairman visited wards in Digha and Airoli and had marathon meetings with NMMC officials there on various civic issues. Nilofar Shaikh reports.
NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik visited ward number 1 to 18 of NMMC falling in Digha and Airoli as a part of his initiative called “Chairman at your Doorsteps”. The Chairman met hundreds of residents of the wards during the visit and discussed their problems and grievances, promising and assuring relief to NMMC. The visit began with Digha ward office where the Chairman had a long meeting with NMMC officials before beginning his walk through the wards and meeting up with people. The prominent areas visited included Iltanpada, Balaji Nagar, Ishwarnagar, Yadav Nagar and Corporator Sudhakar Sonawane’s ward. In this ward he met the slum dwellers and stopped over at the dumb and deaf school of NMMC.
Residents of ward 12 informed the chairman of the grave water issue in their area. After his visit and marathon meetings with people, the Chairman spoke to the media of the various development work that NMMC plans to do in the city. NMMC City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar and Airoli Ward Officer Dattatrey Nagre were also present during Chairman Sandeep Naik’s visit.

Healthy Debates, Progressive Decisions and Discipline Marks Chairman Sandeep Naik’s Standing Committee Meetings

October 25, 2008
NMMC general body meetings are a disappointment for any concerned citizens but in comparison the very corporations standing committee meetings come as a complete surprise. If delays, absent-ism, irrelevant discussions and wastage of time describes the general body meetings, then healthy debates, progressive decisions and discipline marks the standing committee meet. Two consecutive weeks and reports that much credit for the quality of standing committee meetings goes to its Chairman Sandeep Naik.
If the general body meetings at NMMC have gone from bad to worse in the last three months, the Standing Committee meets are setting all the right examples. Consider this:
OCTOBER 23, 2008
Even the consecutive week, things aren’t any different. Members of the standing committee once again report on time and within a few minutes – Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik arrives and the meeting commences. This is a peek of how disciplined NMMC Standing Committee meetings are. No delays, no pointless debates, no wastage of time, no disproportionate time on proposals and no irrelevant talks. On the contrary healthy debates, progressive discussions on public issues and discipline make Standing Committee meetings every bit of the quality that one expects from meetings conducted for welfare of the citizens of the city.
Significant suggestions and meaningful objections are welcomed to better any public issue – without any bias of it coming from the ruling party or the opposition members. No points for guessing, that the fair and dynamic attitude of Sandeep Naik in standing committee meets gives neither ruling nor opposition members any chance to complain. On the contrary all of them are unanimous on their opinion that Sandeep Naik is to be credited for the disciplined and progressive functioning of Standing Committee meets. The constructive balance that Sandeep Naik has achieved between the ruling and opposition in the Standing Committee meets rises above Navi Mumbai – for even neighboring civic bodies like the TMC’s Standing Committee meets are often marred with delays and wastage of time. As far as the NMMC General Body meetings are concerned, the Mayor and corporators of the general body do not have to go far away to learn how quality debates on any subject of public interest happen – they can take a few lessons from Sandeep Naik’s standing committee meetings. Beyond any doubts, Sandeep Naik has successfully made NMMC Standing Committee meetings all about the people, for the people and by the people.

OCTOBER 16, 2008
The clock at NMMC has ticked 11 – its time for the standing committee meeting to begin. After the disappointing conduct of corporators at the general body meeting, it comes as a surprise that members of the standing committee report on time and within a few minutes – Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik commences the meeting.

NMMC Standing Committee Approves Tender for Sant Gadgebaba Memorial Park at Nerul’s Rock Garden

September 23, 2008
The NMMC Standing Committee also unanimously approved the municipal commissioner's proposal to develop a Sant Gadgebaba memorial park on a 4000 square meter plot in Sector 21 Nerul, beside the municipal commissioner's official residence.
The Sant Gadgebaba Memorial Park is to be developed with the Rs 85 lakhs prize money received by NMMC from 2002 to 2005 under the Sant Gadgebaba Urban cleanliness drive. The Standing Committee approved a budget of Rs 24.41 lakhs for the first phase of the memorial, which is proposed to include the statue of Sant Gadgebaba, a beautiful gateway, an attractive compound wall, amphitheatre, waterfall, water bodies and entry ticket sale counter. The Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik cautioned that the corporation puts structures and facilities in place but maintenance is grossly neglected.

Navi Mumbaikars Spirit for a cause

Tuesday, September9, 2008
Sportsmen and local leaders participated in Baton Relay to encourage youth and instill a spirit of sportsmanshipPrajakta chavan-VashiSports enthusiasts, politicians and athletes from the satellite city joined hands to welcome commonwealth Youth Games Baton Relay which arrived in the city on Sundy. Altogether, 2000 people accompanied the baton relay at different sports. The baton arrived at Belapur station with a team of 50 People and 20 vehicles where NMMC's Standing Committee Chief Sandeep Naik welcomed the the relay and was forwarded by local athletes till Belapur highway."It was a great experience since I participated. in sport event after a long gap of 7-8. The relay has helped in creating awareness among youth regarding sports and will inspire young athletes to continue practicing for the same. Sports is Game of strengthThe baton arrived at Belapur station with a team of 50 people and 20 vehicles where NMMC's standing Committee chief Sandeep Naik welcomed the relay.The Baton Relay of the third Commonwealth Youth Games will tour 199 cities in nine states before arriving in Pune on the inaugural day of the event on October 12The relay will cover 8000 kms and will be carried by 6000 selected sportspersons. A team comprising 80 crew and 26 vehcles will escort the baton from belhi to puneAll the 71 Commonwealth nations with over 1,300 athletes aged below 18 along with 350 officials will participate in nine disciplines at the event to be held at Balewadiindeed an integral part of the society and has gained more prominence especially after Olympic. I participated in the event to encourage Navi Mumbaiites and welcome the relay team," Naik Stated. Thereafter, the relay team reached Nerul station, where they were received by president of DY Patil Sports Academy Vijay Patil and Deputy mayor Shashikant Birajdar. Both Patil and Birajdarran for over 200 meters with the baton following which the relay team visited DY Patil Stadium for a break. Later, the team via Palm Beach road visited citibank, Vashi, wherein they were greeted by Mayor Anjani Bhor and Principals of several city schools. In order to encourage city youth and instill team spirti, the Mayou ran with the baton from citibank to Arenja Corner, From where the relay team came to vashi bridge and left for Mumbai.The Baton Relay of the third Commonwealth Youth Games will tour 199 cities in nine states before arriving in Pune on the inaugural day of the event on October 12. The relay will cover 8000 kms and will be carried by 6000 selected sportspersons. a team comprising 80 crew and 26 vehicles will escort the baton from Delhi to Pune. All the 71 Commonwealth nations with over 1,300 athletes aged below 18 along with 350 officials will participate in nine disciplines at the event to be held at Shiv chhartapati Sports City, balewadi near pune. The event will conclude on October 18.

Sandeep naik Visits Persons with Disabilities

September 4, 2008
Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik visited the special students of NMMC’s special school in Rabale. The Chairman distributed chocolates and met with the school management to better the facilities and amenities that the schools provide to special children hailing from economically weaker background.
It was a special day for the special students of NMMC special school in Rabale. It was not just World Disability day for the students but there was also a special visit from NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik to spread some cheer amongst the physically challenged students. And the students were indeed all glees and smiles when the Chairman distributed Cadbury to the students. During his visit, Sandeep Naik also met the Principal Varsha Bhagat and local corporator Sudhakar Sonawane who informed the Chairman about the issues and immediate necessities of the special children. Sandeep Naik assured to immediately look into the matter. NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik spoke about the day and about NMMC’s plans to make a special school in Vashi soon.

Rise of Sandeep Naik – The Charisma and Vision of a Youth Leader

August 2, 2008
Sandeep Naik is the leader of Navi Mumbai's tomorrow. And universal in his high pedigree is education, and by default modern thoughts. This can only augur well for Navi Mumbai that too can have its own iconic youth leader in a nation where the majority of the population is under the age of 35. We bring to you a special feature on his birthday.
Youth leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Priyanka Gandhi, Milind Deora, Omar Abdullah and Supriya Sule have taken center stage in national politics - uncrowned king of the Navi Mumbai lot is Sandeep Naik, whose political roots are near impeccable. Sandeep Naik’s aim is to make Navi Mumbai a place where one is known and judged by one's work and not caste, creed and religion. Sandeep Naik didn’t start his political career with a bang. Sandeep Naik instead has taken his time to adjust to the pitch of politics, taking one hesitant and even reluctant step after the other only after considerable deliberation. And from a just any other party worker of father’s Ganesh Naik’s brigade rose to become the Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC – for the second consecutive term. Sandeep Naik is a member of the MMRDA committee. It’s been politics from grass root up. Meet voters and meet local party workers.
For someone who has lived in a house of leaders like Ganesh Naik and Sanjeev Naik who have been in power from Navi Mumbai to Maharashtra, Sandeep Naik’s focus has been on understanding social and economic issues at ground level, trying out little development experiments or testing a new technology.
In Navi Mumbai political scene, Sandeep Naik’s brings about a refreshing change. Just be what you are - an appeal to the youth who matter the most, and a bridging of the gap between what is and what isn't.
As someone born into the most illustrious political family of Navi Mumbai, Sandeep Naik has carefully addressed the concerns of Navi Mumbai. Floating a NGO for environment conservation and combating global warming is one of them.
As the Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC, Sandeep Naik has championed various development initiatives in the city – be it schools, gardens, drains, public toilets, Thane Belapur Road concretization work, Kalamboli Digha pipeline work or the ultra modern STP Plants.
A unique trait with Sandeep Naik is that as the Chairman of the Standing Committee at NMMC, he encourages members of all political parties to understand and discuss every issue concerning the city and citizens. Sandeep Naik boasts a lineage of a rich exposure to politics and a deep interest in the cornerstone of India's global competitiveness and information technology. On his birthday, hopes that the young leader will wet his toes from Navi Mumbai to the world of politics – where the young leaders are working for a better and brighter India.
"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."
Wishing Sandeep Naik Happy Birthday!!

Sandeep Naik Visits ward 3 of Airoli

July 23, 2008
NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik recently visited the Mother-Child hospital at ward 3 of Airoli. Sandeep Naik assured to resolve the problems of the centre as soon as possible.
NMMC’s Mother Child hospital situated at sec 3 Airoli has many problems and issues plaguing it. The foremost difficulty faced by the patients here is that there is a shortage of doctors as well as hospital staff. The hospital also lacks the basic level of cleanliness in a hospital. For the same NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik visited this hospital to know the problems of the centre. After his visit, he assured that the hospital would be cleaned and the more staff would be appointed.
Present during the visit were ward officer of G ward Dattatrey Nagre, Ward F Committee President Ujwala Patil and corporator Tatya Teli.

Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep naik Meeting Commences

July 16, 2008
Things are finally into place resuming the proceedings of the Standing Committee in NMMC. Archana Tripathi has the update.
And not surprisingly, in the NMMC Standing Committee elections, Sandeep Naik was elected unopposed for the second consecutive year. Sandeep Naik was felicitated in the presence of Mayor Anjani Bhoir, first Mayor Sanjeev Naik, Deputy Mayor Shashikant Birajdaar and NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata. The eight new members elected for the Standing Committee, namely Jaywant Sutar, Vivek Patil, Suresh Kulkarni, Sudhakar Sonawane from NCP, Namdeo Bhagat, Hemangi Sonawane from Congress, Vijay Mane from Shiv Sena and Sitaram Madhvi from Ashtvinayak group were also announced during the meeting. We spoke with Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik on his future plans for the corporation.

Sandeep naik organized Green Hope Brings Hope to Navi Mumbai By Planting One Lakh Trees

July 14, 2008
With the aim of awareness amongst people about the need to plant more and more trees for a better tomorrow, Green Hope an NGO held an event to plant one lakh trees in the city.
Environment destruction is a major concern especially as in the name of development and progress; nature space is reducing by the day. In such a scenario if the minds that will work on development projects of tomorrow are taught the significance of green heads and preserving greenery, it would definitely contribute to developing minds that give as much importance to environment as to making communities. Bearing this in mind, Green Hope organization has taken the initiative of planting 100 trees in the city which started off at Rajeev Gandhi garden at sec 28, Vashi. The event was graced by State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik, Mayor Anjani Bhoir, Fist mayor Sanjeev Naik, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik, Music Director-cum singer Shankar Mahadevan amongst other NMMC members. State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik spoke on the initiative taken by Green Hope.
While many plant trees, there is very little done to safeguard it, to which the Minister stated that spreading awareness amongst people was the need of the hour. We also spoke with Music Shankar Mahadevan who gave his compliments and full support to the initiative of Green Hope through music. The plan of planting one lakh trees kicked off by the State Environment Minister planting a sapling on the occassion.

A Glimpse at NMMC Budget 2008-2009

April 9, 2008
The NMMC Budget decides how your city will shape in the coming fiscal year. While the general body members failed to take the budget discussions seriously, the Standing Committee did. Standing Committee projections vis-a-vis the suggestions made by the members during the six sessions of the deliberations on the NMMC budget for 2008 – 09.
The Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik’s finalization of the allocations is undoubtedly a well studied result of application of much thought, quite ambitions, youthful hi tech and incorporating much of what most members suggested in large measures. Let’s take a look at all that has been proposed by Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik :

• 2 Olympic Size Swimming Pools
• 4 Indoor Stadiums
• 5 Gateway Arches
• One NMMC school run by a private institute on experimental basis
• A Multi Media Central Public Library
• A City Tower
• Science Center
• Aquarium
• Planetorium
• Escalator Over Bridge (as experimental pilot project)
• Artificial Pond (for idol immersion)
• Taking over and developing dam in Ithanpada
• Surveillance Cameras in public places
• Mangrove Tourism Development
• Compound Walls for vacant plots (of CIDCO, MIDC and the Collector)
• Amusement Park (in Adivali - Bhutavli)
• Tourist Spot in Gavli Dev
• Citizen Card for all residents
• Erecting Transit Camps
• Metro Rail Survey

Besides this the Standing Committee has also proposed additional allocation of Rs. 12 Crores for roads and Rs. 2 Crores for maintenance of public toilets, making footpaths in all village lanes in the city and making all NMMC ward and other offices presentable and hi-tech in keeping with the image of the 21st century. The unprecedented allocation of Rs. 25 Crores for civic works inside condominiums, which is Rs. 21 Crores more than what the administration proposed, is the biggest bonanza for thousands of families living in CIDCO built tenements.
To meet the all the allocations, the members raised performance targets of various departments. Let’s take a look at those.

• Cess revenue has been increased to Rs. 285 Crores, which is Rs. 60 Crores above administration’s target
• Property tax to Rs. 200 Crore, which is Rs. 39 Crore above administration’s target
• Rs. 30 Crore from sale of Morbe water, which is Rs. 8 Crore above the administration’s target
• Rs. 10 Crores from sale of treated sewage water that is double the commissioner’s target
• Rs. 4 Crore from illegal structures, which is Rs. 1.75 Crore above the administration’s target
• Rs. 3.5 Crore from advertisements, banner, hoarding, which is Rs. 1.45 Crore above the administrations target and for the first time Rs. 1 Crore has been projected from carbon credits and Rs. 2 Crore from entertainment tax.

It is the administration that proposed the budget but the people’s touch can be added to it only when public representatives study the budget and make changes for the good of the city. If the NMMC administration executes even 50% of the dream budget, Sandeep Naik will win the battle in stemming the rot in the system that ails the civic body. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik displayed focused, studied and enthusiastic adventurism in providing for several amenities for the citizens for the first time in the over a decade and half years old, municipal body. Sandeep Naik should be credited for his bold initiative to pin accountability on the heads of departments during the budget deliberations and finalization. Without mincing intentions and inclinations he demanded the required facelift for the city as none of his predecessors cared or dared to, in the 13 years existence of the Standing Committee. Unlike past chairmen, he did not point past failures but stressed on immediate performance. Sandeep Naik and his team in the standing committee have dared to dream and spell out a dream budget that has raised hopes of citizens for a truly world class city with best of amenities for the common man. In a corporation lacking a system to review and monitor performance, Sandeep Naik’s vision has triggered the beginning of the process of dreaming corporate – like in the civic body, which is a heartening change. This budget promises to give the city the best of the amenities and undoubtedly Sandeep Naik deserves a lion’s share of this credit.

NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik’s Visit May Speed up the Work On

December 14, 2007
NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik visited the site office of the contractor doing the concretization of the Thane Belapur Road along with NMMC officials to check the progress of work being carried out and reasons for delay.
The meeting started off with welcoming Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik to the premises of TBR. Present along with during the meet was city engineer Mohan Dagaonkar. A round of discussion was held where Sandeep Naik quested every aspect of the further development of the Thane–Belapur road. The discussion topics were about new flyovers, underpasses, replacement of old drainage work at 30 locations, new foot-over bridge at Turbhe, Pawne and Chinchpada, de-stilling and street lighting.
The officials also put forth points to Sandeep Naik about the reasons in the delayed work one of which was the pending permission to divert traffic. The movement of heavy vehicles to and fro on the road was hampering and delaying work. Apart from that other issues like laying of Morbe water pipelines by NMMC, land for rehabilitation not handed over by MIDC and district collector were some other factors hindering construction work. After the presentation, Sandeep Naik visited the site and added that looking at the plans laid out, the construction work would soon be completed in two months. If indeed the concretization work does gets completed in another two months, commuters would soon breathe easy while traveling through this node.

Standing Committee Shri Sandeep Naik Sets Example – Observes Partial Adjournment to Send the Message that terrorism will Not Stop Public Work

December 4, 2007
NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik again set a precedent by taking the rather bold decision of not adjourning the weekly standing committee meet completely. Instead members observed adjournment for 10 minutes in wake of the Mumbai terror attacks. The aim to do so was to send a message that come what may, terrorism will not stop public work.
In wake of the Mumbai terror attacks, the routine reaction of any public meeting of a civic corporation would be to adjourn the meeting. That’s what one expected at the weekly Standing Committee Meet of NMMC as well. But it did not come as a surprise, that the Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik instead set an example. The message given out defines the spirit of our city that terrorists might want to stop all work to hamper the progress and economy of India’s financial capital but they will not succeed. And that is why Chairman Sandeep Naik decided to resume the standing committee meet in defiance of terrorists act. The meeting started with NCP Corporator J D Sutar proposing adjournment to pay homage to martyrs of Mumbai terror attacks that was seconded by Congress Corporator Avinash Lad. Following this the Standing Committee Chairman announced adjournment for 15 minutes.
When the meeting resumed, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik said that the aim of the Wednesday terror attacks was to stop the progressive work being done in the city and the only way to counter attack the intentions of the terrorists was to work double and show that the city will not be deterred by any terrorist activity – something that the Chairman reiterated to the members when the meeting resumed after 15 minutes.
Following this the members took up all the subjects on the agenda of the meeting. The members paid condolence to the martyrs of Mumbai terror attacks, former PM V P Singh and freedom fighter and resident of Ghansoli Shankar Bua Patil.
Speaking to NMTV News after the meet, Sandeep Naik said that the basic aim of Wednesday’s terror attack was to create fear but there’s no way we’ll let that happen. The Chairman also said that one should follow the example of Japan where the workers way of protest against management is by increasing production to levels that becoming a challenge for the management to market. This week, under Chairman Sandeep Naik, the NMMC Standing Committee set yet another example that echoed to all present how terrorism is a tyrant enemy which threatens all of the humanity and we have to stand united to fight it.

Sandeep Naik – The Future of Navi Mumbai

August 4, 2007
Sandeep Naik symbolize the blossoming of youth leadership under expert guidance, experience and social commitment of father Ganesh Naik and elder brother Sanjeevji Naik. NMTV presents a feature Sandeep Naik – the eligible inheritor of the legacy of the Naik dynasty. “Grandson of a committed public figure
Son of a successful political supreme in the district
Brother of the 3-term mayor of the city
The youngest ever NMMC Standing Committee Chairman
A leader with inherent leadership qualities
"Sandeep Naik”
If you have Ganesh Naik – the man who brought a sense of harmony in the industry–labor relation in the early years, balanced relations between the locals and immigrants and strived for social justice for slum settlements for your father and Sanjeev Naik – the three times Mayor who balanced the walk on the political tightrope with a thin majority in NMMC through acumen, understanding, tolerance and respect for all for your brother – it explains why Sandeep Naik personifies virtues of leadership and sportsmanship, which now finds expression in his dealing with citizen in the city from various walks of life and communities. One would have never thought that someone who has imbibed managerial qualification and experiences traveling widely around the globe, in the company of accomplished professionals would choose a career in politics. His youthful zest and progressive thinking is evident in the manner, in which he conducts the Standing Committee meetings.
He gives the opposition every opportunity to voice their stand and takes cognizance of the same, inspire of having a comfortable majority in the committee.

Sandeep Naik Symbolize the Blossoming of Youth

August 4, 2007
Sandeep Naik¡¦s youthful energy, keen thirst for learning, willingness to understand and inclination to perform, makes him popular among the youth ¡V some one they look up to and idolize. Sandeep Naik may have got political power on a platter. Yet he is deeply rooted to the ground realities of survive and growth. Sandeep Naik attends to his constituency very devotedly and planned work to be executed during his 5 years term in the ward. As Standing Committee Chairman, he has set a precedent with ¡§Chairman at Your Doorsteps¡¨ to attend to citizens from all over the city and visiting wards regularly to see for himself the ground situation, before demanding and executing corrective or any requisite action.
His strength lies in his willingness to interacts and learn from people from various walks of life. Widely traveled around the globe, Sandeep Naik has set very high standards for the growth and development of Navi Mumbai. „
« He wants every citizen for working age to be well employed. „
« He forces big bonanza in the IT and allied sectors. „
« He wants world class facility in public institution, hospitals, and gardens. „
« He is keen to have a monumental structure or facility erected, which would provide a new, global identity to the city. „
« He is very keen and restless about all this.
But whether his vision can be realized under the presently prevailing attitude and culture around, could be a matter of debate. But for the untiring Sandeep, it is a mission. His father achieved harmonious transformation of a village panchayat to a 21st century city. So, many argue Sandeep Naik¡¦s vision for a global city of reckoning is certainly not far-fetched. There is so much responsibility on the young shoulders. We stand by Sandeep Naik¡¦s vision and pray for his success as we wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Sandeep Naik – The Rising Sun of the City

August 4, 2006,

NCP cadres celebrated the birthday of youth leader and NCP corporator Sandeep Naik in the city. In a very short political career, Sandip Naik has come out of the shadows of his father and successfully established an identity of his own.

For those who still do not know, Sandeep Naik is the younger son of Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and the latest entry into active politics. Political observers feel that with the growing popularity of Sandeep Naik among city youth, a new leader is being born. With his dynamism and conventional outlook giving politicians a new image, Sandeep Naik is bound to be the next heir of the Naik dynasty in the city and in all its probability the next Mayor of Navi Mumbai. With so many welfare and development projects lined up for the city, Sandeep Naik will play an instrumental role in the execution and completion of these projects.

A keen sportsman Sandeep, when in Modern College, Sandeep Naik had prepared a report for the improvement and promotion of sporting talents, which was well received. Now in his professional capacity as a modern agriculturist studying and developing new techniques in farming Sandeep Naik has traveled around the globe and actively interacted with agriculturists in Israel and other parts of the world. He is very enthusiastic about implementing some of the best methods to augment increased agriculture produce for farmers in the country. This he has already started in earnest at the family farms in Murbad. As a 1st time corporator he has already proved his concern for his constituency by proposing all the required civic amenities for the ward and the environmental concerns by taking up tree plantation drive. Man whose actions speak louder than his words and there is firm determination behind the soft expression and gentle smiles. He has almost succeeded in shedding the image based on being the son of Ganesh Naik and established his own identity and individuality. Undoubtedly and certainly the new leadership has taken wings – in one word Sandeep Naik has arrived.

Sandeep Naik Visits Wards under Chairman at Your Door Drive

August 3, 2007
With the aim of closely studying and intensifying action he plans to initiate to address civic woes, Standing Committee Chairman Sandip Naik’s “Chairman at Your Door” drive continued in the city. Sudhir Sharma joined the dive for a report.
Standing Committee Chairman Sandip Naik visited Hanuman Nagar, Shivshakti Nagar and Turbhe Stores to study the civic issues of these areas. The drive popularly known as “Chairman at your door” intends to do just that – go door to door in each ward to witness, study and bring about effective and immediate solutions to civic issues. The chairman along with a team of NMMC officials walks down the entire wards to not miss anything. At points, he gave out instruction to officials to immediate clean garbage or look into cleaning of toilets or clean gutters or make street lights functional while at other times he asked officials to brief locals on information about NMMC that would them work as a team more effectively. The most burning issue at these places was related to health and hygiene.