Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sandeep Naik – The Future of Navi Mumbai

August 4, 2007
Sandeep Naik symbolize the blossoming of youth leadership under expert guidance, experience and social commitment of father Ganesh Naik and elder brother Sanjeevji Naik. NMTV presents a feature Sandeep Naik – the eligible inheritor of the legacy of the Naik dynasty. “Grandson of a committed public figure
Son of a successful political supreme in the district
Brother of the 3-term mayor of the city
The youngest ever NMMC Standing Committee Chairman
A leader with inherent leadership qualities
"Sandeep Naik”
If you have Ganesh Naik – the man who brought a sense of harmony in the industry–labor relation in the early years, balanced relations between the locals and immigrants and strived for social justice for slum settlements for your father and Sanjeev Naik – the three times Mayor who balanced the walk on the political tightrope with a thin majority in NMMC through acumen, understanding, tolerance and respect for all for your brother – it explains why Sandeep Naik personifies virtues of leadership and sportsmanship, which now finds expression in his dealing with citizen in the city from various walks of life and communities. One would have never thought that someone who has imbibed managerial qualification and experiences traveling widely around the globe, in the company of accomplished professionals would choose a career in politics. His youthful zest and progressive thinking is evident in the manner, in which he conducts the Standing Committee meetings.
He gives the opposition every opportunity to voice their stand and takes cognizance of the same, inspire of having a comfortable majority in the committee.

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