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Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik Recommends five skywalds for the city

Nov 21,2008
The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is leavin no stone unturned in transforming the city into a state-of-the-art metropolis. NMMC'S Standing Committee chairman has recommended five skywalks at the pedestrians to avoid the congested roads, which is a part of NMMC's provision of public utility amenities of international standard. Abiding by the green concept, the skywalks will be ultra-modern and eco-friendly since it will be constructed by using recyclable materials, like the steel and glass. Each skywalk is estimated to cost Rs four crore, informed standing Committee chairman, Sandeep Naik at a press meet at the NMMC Headquarters at Belapur on November19.Sandeep Naik informed, "The location of skywalks has been decided by taking into consideration the road accidents at the spots where pedestrian get killed while crossing the roads and railway tracks. Hence, it has been proposed to construct a skywalk near D Y Patil Sports Stadium at nerul. It shall connect the two service roads, which run parallel to the Sion-Panval highway, Which shall not disturb the main road traffic. The other four skywalks have been planned near Kopar khairane railway station connection DAKC, Ghansoli railway station, connection the MIDC area across the Thane-Belapur red, Airoli railway station connection Raheja Mend Space and near Vashi village connection it the residential node of sector 6, Vashi." He further added, "The FIRM Associates UK Limited.' Since the expenditure plays a pivotal role in realizing the project, NMMC has roped in sponsors. Two major industries (names withheld) have given their nod to construct two skywalks and even

bear the maintenance cost. As a result, NMMC will hae zero expenditure and also the property will be owned by the civic body. once all the administrative procedures are completed and a final approval is given by the NMMS general body, the project will start within two months and will be completed in three stages within eight months span."The architect and directed of the FIRM Associates UK Ltd, Sandeep Ghosh informed, "As per the PWD recommendation, the skywalk proposed at Nerul will be 90 meters long and shall have a height of 6.5 meters to 6.9 meters. At a time, around 2000 pedestrians would be able to use the 5.5 meter wide corridor to cross over to the other side of the skywalk. People avoid using skywalks due to the dingy and gloomy atmosphere inside the corridor, which they fear is more pronto criminal activities. hence, the skywalk will be light in Wight and translucent since it will be made out of glass and polycarbonate sheet which shall allow the natural daylight to penetrate the tubular shaped structure of the skywalk. Considering the conservation of electricity, solar panels will be installed. Also, there will be a facility of fours elevators, solar panels will be installed. Also , there will be a facility of fours elevators, two on each side of the skywalk. Each elevator will have a capacity of 12 passengers. The tubular structure has been dented the corridor due to wind blow and also there will be no seepage of rainwater. Ramps are also provided to facilitate separate access for vendors and pedestrians carrying heavy luggage."Ghosh further added, “It shall even facilitate children, senior citizens and physically handicapped persons. For proper ventilation a vent has been provided in the tubular structure thereby comforting the pedestrians. There will be a provision of a big foyer to prevent over-crowding during peak hours." Sandeep Naik concluded, " The skywalks have been designed to suit the climatic condition of the city and NMMC will be applying for the design’s patent right.

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