Thursday, January 29, 2009

Task force and advisory committee for NMMC

November 22,2008,
The Navi Mumbai Municpal Corporation's (NNMC) Standing Committee in order to keep vigilance on the civic works of NMMC undertaken by the contractors. The sole intention is to maintain qualitative work. Chariman Sandeep Naik said, "The Task Force comprises of members like the retired as well as working scientists, architects, chartered accountants, journalists, advocates, environment experts and engineers, The responsibility of the Task Force members is to pay occasional and suprise visits to the sites where civic works are being undertaken and check the quality of work done by the contracotor. it is even checked whether the contractor. It is even checked whether the contractor is carrying out the work as per the norms of the tender agreement. To check whether precautions are being taken by the contractor to abide by the Town planning, Environment and social prodence. The Task Force will also include municipal commissioner, senior NMMC officers and corporators."
Naik added, "What all civic amenities lack in the city and what are the necessary infrastructure development projects, will be monitored by the Task Force.
Whereas, the Advisory Committee will ensure the technical and financial feasibility of the projects to be undertaken and also the environmental safety concern. Once the task Force and the Advisory Committee are put into action, the civic works in the city will be expedited and completed in the scheduled time period. That would also relieve the contractors from being imposed with a penalty for delaying the completion of the work. The vigilance and inspection at the work site will help in maintaining the quality of work and the citizens will be able to avail facilities. The Standing Committee has plans to set up three more committees viz; Planning Action and Quality Control."

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