Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sandeep Naik Visits Wards under Chairman at Your Door Drive

August 3, 2007
With the aim of closely studying and intensifying action he plans to initiate to address civic woes, Standing Committee Chairman Sandip Naik’s “Chairman at Your Door” drive continued in the city. Sudhir Sharma joined the dive for a report.
Standing Committee Chairman Sandip Naik visited Hanuman Nagar, Shivshakti Nagar and Turbhe Stores to study the civic issues of these areas. The drive popularly known as “Chairman at your door” intends to do just that – go door to door in each ward to witness, study and bring about effective and immediate solutions to civic issues. The chairman along with a team of NMMC officials walks down the entire wards to not miss anything. At points, he gave out instruction to officials to immediate clean garbage or look into cleaning of toilets or clean gutters or make street lights functional while at other times he asked officials to brief locals on information about NMMC that would them work as a team more effectively. The most burning issue at these places was related to health and hygiene.

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