Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sandeep Naik Symbolize the Blossoming of Youth

August 4, 2007
Sandeep Naik¡¦s youthful energy, keen thirst for learning, willingness to understand and inclination to perform, makes him popular among the youth ¡V some one they look up to and idolize. Sandeep Naik may have got political power on a platter. Yet he is deeply rooted to the ground realities of survive and growth. Sandeep Naik attends to his constituency very devotedly and planned work to be executed during his 5 years term in the ward. As Standing Committee Chairman, he has set a precedent with ¡§Chairman at Your Doorsteps¡¨ to attend to citizens from all over the city and visiting wards regularly to see for himself the ground situation, before demanding and executing corrective or any requisite action.
His strength lies in his willingness to interacts and learn from people from various walks of life. Widely traveled around the globe, Sandeep Naik has set very high standards for the growth and development of Navi Mumbai. „
« He wants every citizen for working age to be well employed. „
« He forces big bonanza in the IT and allied sectors. „
« He wants world class facility in public institution, hospitals, and gardens. „
« He is keen to have a monumental structure or facility erected, which would provide a new, global identity to the city. „
« He is very keen and restless about all this.
But whether his vision can be realized under the presently prevailing attitude and culture around, could be a matter of debate. But for the untiring Sandeep, it is a mission. His father achieved harmonious transformation of a village panchayat to a 21st century city. So, many argue Sandeep Naik¡¦s vision for a global city of reckoning is certainly not far-fetched. There is so much responsibility on the young shoulders. We stand by Sandeep Naik¡¦s vision and pray for his success as we wish him a very Happy Birthday!

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