Thursday, September 17, 2009

A visionary leader

Navi Mumbai will soon have the maximum number of world-class public utility amenities. This is only the beginning
The youngest ever standing committee chairman of Navi Mumbai municipal Corporation Shri Sandeep Naik , turns 31 on today and is already an iconic youth leader in the city , with his multi –dimentional focus to make Navi Mumbai the best city in the world
Taking to media persons, Shri Sandeep Naik stressed that the city will son have the maximum number of the world-class public utilities. He said ,”this is only the beginning . we need to sustain and maintain, even as we keep on adding more with our collective effort.”
Sandeep Naik’s passion and dedicationin kho-kho, Kabaddi and Cricket at School and term –sprit traits that is evident, as he leads from the front a vibrant, new city into the millennium . his father, the state minister for Excise and Environment and the district Guardian minister Shri Ganesh Naik groomed and inspire up the essential at a very fast pace to meet the demands of rapidly changing modern times. Shri Sandeep Naik has already established himself as the most popular youth leader in the 21st Century City.
In 2005, Shri Sandeep Naik was elected the corporator and member of the NMMC standing committee , which is the second most important body of the corporation after general boby .
He is already proving to be a capable chairmen as also a champion of environmental concerns, as expert in agriculture, an ardent promoter of science and ultra –modern technology , an able administrator, a progressive thinker and able all a vibrant youth with a very positive and constructive spirit.
Even as he took over the affairs of the civic corporation as a leader of the ruling majority NCP in the city, his elder brother Shri Sanjeev Naik was elected to the parliament , thus making it easy for more funds from the central government to NMMC for infrastructure development in the city , villages , slums and nodes. He initiated visionary measures tougher change in municipal functioning. He stressed on good school building for the NMMC School where children from poor and weaker section come to study, well –designed and maintained gardens and parks in the city. He called for global standard in the development of the proposed regional park with a science centre and food plaza in Nerul.
His maturity in the way he conducts the standing committee meetings belies his young age. He comes prepared with complete homework, and agenda for the meeting, initiating healthy debate , showing respect for the opposition , admonishing official when wrong and complementing them for good performance, getting the municipal chief meet members demands wherever justified and finely summing up each subject, weighting the pros and cons even while acknowledging problem areas and suggesting solutions or issuing order to the administration . This confidence comes from his ‘chairman at your doorstep,’ tours to every nook and corner of all wards in the city. He is firmly rooted to the ground to every common citizen as his vision for the city in very futuristic.
The budgetary allocations of the corporation under his chairmanship are a standing example of shri sandeep Naik’s visionary leadership. He approved provisions for the civic work inside condominiums, development and beautification of gardens, parks and ponds, corridor improvement plane for palm Beach road , implementation of e-governance and integrated solid waste management project.
Shri Sandeeep Naik’s initiative led to budgetary provisions for a science museum, planetarium, swimming pool, indoor-stadium, water re-cycling , use of non conventional energy and citizens’ help- desk. Quality amenities for a good lifestyle for all income groups, timely execution of projects are his recommended tools for good, turning the vision into realty. The improvement of the city is the foremost thought mind and during every foreign trip he is possessed wanting to gain new concepts, in order to make Navi Mumbai, the world’s best city with global standard infrastructure and public amenities.
Be it starting quicker and comfortable waterway services, Volvo public transport services development for tourist destinations in the city, expediting the Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial in the city, Shri Sandeep Naik has developed network of expert well –wishers and senior citizen to guide his and suggest measures for better implementation.
Capable of taking decision and keeping a vigilant control of the administration, the young Shri Sandeep Naik believes in co-operation and co-ordination between the administration, and elected representatives for the smooth, forward movement of the chariot of development. Azim Premji’s work philosophy-‘work hard .work smart’. Shri sandeep Naik’s responsibility to the warning of global warming was in founding the NGO Green Hope in 2007. Planting of lakh sapling last years, he lead organization to a two lakh tree plantation drive in the city this year. He founded Green hope to promote environmental awareness and ethical relationship between nature and citizen. Hri Sandeep Naik dos not merely stress on planting sapling but on ensuring their survival and conserving them so as to achieve optimum green cover in a rapidly expanding concrete jungle.
Harmony with the environment alone can provide a conductive atmosphere for the long –term and sustainable growth of the city and its citizen and shri Sandeep Naikhas pressed Green hope into this several with this aim in Navi Mumbai .
This multi –dimensional singular focus to make Navi Mumbai world’s best city , marks Shri Sandeep Naik as the city’s best bet. Well-wishers all over the globe are pouring choicest birthday wishes on Navi Mumbai’s greatest and most youthful hope- Shri sandeep Naik.
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