Monday, March 9, 2009

Sandeep Naik on New Bombay plus connect 9.

Dear Reader,
As part of our ‘Reader connect’ initiative, we have started new column wherein you can Email us all your Grievances (related to civic issues) and we shall forward the same to the chairman of the standing committee of NMMC, Sandeep Naik. He will then personally look into the matter and shall take appropriate action. We shall publish your grievance and the action taken by him, ensuring full transparency every week. Last week we got several mails from our readers and we forwarded some of them to him. HERE is the response and action taken by him.


Dear Sir,

It had been my great privilege that I received the very first reply from the young and exuberant person like your goodself Mr. Sandeep Naik in respect of my grievances pertaining to sector 29's road from Nimit rickshaw stand to Rajiv Gandhi Udyan Entrance and its surrounding all around. At present excavation work is going on the right side of the garden as we enter from the Nimit Bldg. This is adding fuel to the fire since all the mud is being deposited on one side of the wall of the garden. How safe will this wall and the fencing remains is to be seen? " To inform you Sir, and as per your reply to my E-mail the WBM work was carried out by August 12th.08. But this work was not carried out in a manner which would give temporary relief to the traffic,or abled and disabled men,women,children and senior citizens. Your goodself had also given an assurance that after monsoon the complete resurfacing will be done. I request you Sir, to expedite this work to avoid roads from becoming bad to worse.This will be a boon to traffic, a sigh of relief from people of all age group, and praise for NMMC of which your gooself is a part with a lead role to play. I am hopefully waiting for the best result this time .

I thank you,

K.S.Bajaj. Sector29,

Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400 705.

Ans: I am glad to inform you that the tender Proposal for asphalting of the road in Sector-29 Vashi is already placed for approval. Which will be done in a week’s time. Hence the work order will be issued immediately after the approval and the said work will be expedited as per your command. Thank you for your concern and good words about the response to your earlier query through this column.

Q2: I wish to bring certain issues to Sandeep Ji for his redressal 1. The road passing through the under bridge at Koparkhairane has not been repaired for the last few years. With such heavy traffic nowadays passing from there, a proper attention should be given for upkeep of that road, it is in bad shape with no coating, patching done there. Even the road divider has fallen apart, the stones are lying dislocated disrupting the traffic flow. It looks like the road is not under NMMC or there are ownership issues. Hope you would make some agency to take the accountability of its upkeep. 2. It was a great effort to reconstruct the Dmart circle without causing any hardships to the public. Most of the work was done during night time. All the tiling work was completed in nights only. I think it was a commendable thinking on the part of NMMC and the contractor. Why can't similar approach be taken for road repairs? Most of the road repair is done during day time, when the traffic cannot be stopped for long and hence immediately after repairs, the traffic starts flowing and the repaired patch is not given enough time to settle. More so, somehow the contractor chooses the peak time to repair the most congested area causing immense inconvenience to the public. Recently the patch work near D Mart circle was carried out at 6 PM, making the traffic completely crippled for about 30 minutes. The contractor does not even bother to park the truck (carrying charcoal mixture etc), road roller on the side of the road to allow traffic to flow. You may like to instruct the NMMC and the contractors to carry our the work at night so that the public is not inconvenienced and the repair work is more long lasting. Wherever work has to be carried out during day time, the contractor/NMMC should take proper care to park the trucks/road rollers etc so that public is not unduly inconvenienced. 3. The bus stops near the Dmart circle should be shifted at least 25 meters away from where they are presently (towards Vashi). Traffic on that road is very high and with the buses stopping at their stops, the traffic behind also stops and queues right up to the Dmart circle. If the stops are shifted 25 meters away, the traffic congestion can be reduced drastically. I hope Sandeep Ji would give his attention to the above points.
With Best Regards,



Ans: The road work from the bridge near kopar khairane to the railway station and to the drain is in process for the administrative approval of the NMMC general body and the work is expected to begin within three months. The laying of the interlock paver blocks in the traffic island in front of the bridge and improving of the road dividers have been approved and the work will begin soon.

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