Friday, February 27, 2009

Standing Committe Approved budget to Nmmc General Body

The approved NMMC budget 2009-2010 was presented in the General Body meet for discussions and deliberations With Sandeep Naik. The discussions on the budget would be held for two days. The Standing Committee proposed budget of Rs 1350.0743 crores has allocated additional funds for setting up a Citizen Help Desk, provding Citizen card, establishing an environment green house concept, beautification of the coastline and Palm Beach Road, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial, Children Park with Museum, tourists spots, gateways, multi-purpose library, sculptors in gardens, street furniture with boards and maps, skywalks, swimming pool, indoor stadium, condominium works, aquarium, planetarium, science centre and holding ponds. The additional revenue proposed by the Standing Committee to be generated are Rs 20 crores from cess, Rs 10 crores from property Tax, rs 4 crores from Outdoor advertisement displays, Rs 5 crores from Development charges, Rs 1.70 crores from water supply, Rs 4 crores from road and trench digging permissions and Rs 83 lakh from sale of STP purified water.

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