Friday, February 27, 2009

NMMC standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik stays proposals for NMMC HQ for Discussions.

The proposal for the construction of the NMMC HQ finally came to the NMMC Standing Committee this week. The earlier contractor of the project IVRCL lost the tender bid to Ashwini Infra-development Engineer and Contractors Pvt. Ltd. The latter bid the lowest for constructing the project that is Rs. 89 Crore 99 Lacs 47 Thousand 670. The proposal however awaits the Standing Committee’s approval. Since the administration brought this prestigious proposal without preparing any presentation and the members including J D Sutar, Namdeo Bhagat and others raised several queries, Chairman Sandeep Naik stayed the proposal. Addressing the members, Chairman Sandeep Naik said that the NMMC HQ that has been pending for years calls for setting a time frame this time round.
He also said that since this was a landmark project and was a specialized job, the NMMC must have a separate quality control department to monitor the HQ’s construction to nullify any room for errors or negligence.The Chairman also pointed out that the members were curious see and study the layout of the building plans to know where the various offices have been planned and how easily will these offices be accessible to the common public.
Hence, at the end of the discussions the proposal was stayed with the Chairman assuring to approve it before the election code of conduct came into effect.

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