Friday, February 20, 2009

NMMC Budget figure to increase by Rs.45.53 Crore

The discussion on the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) budget 2009-10 was Concluded recently by the Standing Committee and now the budget will be proposed at the general body meeting. The meeting is scheduled to take place from February 24-28,in which the budget of NMMT,Education Committee and the NMMC will take their final Shape.

After a three-day discussion, the Chairman of the standing committee Sandeep Naik has proposed an increase of Rs.45.53 Crore in the Present proposed budget, NMMC commissioner, Vijay Nahata, Previously Proposed a budget of Rs.1,304.58 cr, and now the proposed budget is of Rs.1,350.07 cr.

In this Budget, a Citizen Help Desk has been proposed,through Which residents can lodge online complaints and seek information on various issues, including online tax filling,etc. Apart from this, in order to Imrpove the existing Website, a sum of Rs. 50 Lakh has been added in the budget. Also,for the Promotion of Conventional energy sources, approximately Rs.1 Crore have been set aside in order to Procure a Solar heater, green house, water recycling facilities,etc.

For the promotion of tourisim in various nodes in the city, NMMC has proposed an additional amount of Rs 1.5 cr for the development of Parsik Hill, slums and Balaji and Nibban hillocks. A proper foothpath will be constructed next to the service road on Palm beach Road for the benefit of residents in the area.

Also, kerb stones are to be fitted on both sides of Palm beach road, for which a sum of Rs. 1 Crore has been proposed. Also to reduce number of accidents on this road, Rs.4 crore has been added in this budget, based on the suggestions by Standing Committee members.
A Sum of Rs.1.5 crore has been set aside for beautification projects in the city, such as the development of the seashore (Chowpati). The budget decided on for the construction of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial amounts to Rs 4 Crore, apart from Constructing an entrance gate for the city, for which Rs 2 Crore has been kept aside. The Sum set aside for the development and maintenance of gardens is Rs.2 Crore,apart from Rs 2 Crore for the development of a scientific museum or children’s garden; for special libraries- Rs 2 Crore, for ponds- Rs Crore, tax collection-Rs 2 Crore and for an indoor game stadium, Rs 4 Crore has been added.

With the standing committee increasing its budget, the proposed income of NMMC and its target has also been revised. To increase NMMC’s income, a target od Rs.36.5 Crore has been included by the standing Committee.

From the cess department, an additional target of Rs 20 cr has been assigned under the Abhay Yogna Scheme for industries that fall under the NMMC jurisdiction. This department has been asked to improve the overall cess collection. Similarly, an additional Rs.10 Crore has been added to present target of the Property tax department. Apart from this, the standing committee wants the property tax department to keep check on various information technology companies inj the city and verify their documents.

From advertising department, an encroachment penalty, penalties on debris dumping, an amount of Rs 4 Cr has been added in their present target. In this action against violation of marginal spaces, illegal encroachment at CIDCO developed areas, Goathan, slum area; etc, has been suggested to earn additional revenue.

For road repair work, Rs 4 Crore has been added to the present proposed Rs 12 Crore. From Collections of fee on various things form industries, a sum of Rs 3.67 crore has been added in the budget in order to get revenue for various development works.

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